SANAS Furniture Shopping Centre

Project detail
  • Author
    Ing. Slavomír Dluhý
  • Purpose
    Business premises
  • Project
  • Floor plan
    1085 m2
  • Structure
    1 floor, exhibition space
  • Project
Project description

The aim of the project was to renovate and rebuild the original warehouse building into a new modern Furniture and Housing Shopping Centre in Kosice. The building is divided into two structurally, functionally, communicatively and purposefully interconnected units.

The entrance part of the SC consists of a vestibule, central sales area, peripheral sales areas, social facilities for visitors and staff of the SC. The administrative facilities are part of the side wing, which also houses the exterior shop window presentation.

The building – interior construction of the main shopfront glazing and the ceiling structure consists of arched glulam beams with an inverted – admitted wooden ceiling and design steel structural elements.

As the main exhibition space, the SC sales hall is clearly divided into sales areas of a perimeter and central layout.