Bistro H2

Project detail
  • Author
    Ing. Slavomír Dluhý, aut. arch. ČKA/ SKA
  • Purpose
  • Project
  • Interior floor plan
     133 m2
  • Structure
    1 floor
  • Project
Project description

The intention of our project in the stages of architectural study and interior design, was the construction and interior design of a part of the commercial space of the property, located in the historical centre of the Old Town of Kosice. The aim of the reconstruction was to fulfill the purpose of the selected premises for the function of a restaurant with a total capacity of 50 seats, according to the specifications and requirements of the investor.

Our main idea was to design such an interior of the restaurant, which will naturally interconnect the historical background of the building – its structural layout, with the contemporary view of Central European cuisine with local supplier subtext and its distinctive artistic representation.

To do this, we creatively used several basic expressive solutions and elements, which we interconnected with the vision to offer the restaurant visitors a versatile experience.