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About the studio 

Atelier of Interior Design and Architecture – Atelier DLUHY s.r.o., is inspired by a passion to create sustainable work that redefines the boundaries of design from interior to architecture and product design through original concepts with subtle aesthetics and refined elegance.

Excellent design is the key, and the studio achieves it by responding differently to different client requirements in its approach to form and detail.

It continually produces works that react to place and time throughout the creative development process. The design solutions used in the forms and details selected have a refreshing effect – always embracing their own moment of surprise with discovery. Interesting stories are part of this process.

Founded in 1991, the Atelier DLUHY’s scope of activity includes residential, hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, exhibition and museum, banking institution, office and commercial interior projects – for both public and private sectors. It also devotes a significant part of its activities to the renovation of original historic buildings and national cultural monuments.

The studio was founded by Slavomir DLUHY, authorized architect of the Czech Architecture Association (CKA) / authorization number 004332023 A / SKA / authorization number 1899 AA / with a focus on interior and product design. In the process of creation, his focus expanded to architecture. The studio employs various numbers of architects, designers and planners.

The closest and long-term collaborator of the studio is the planner Ing. Stefan Remeta.

He works in a team approach with a wide range of companies and clients to create new products, develop and apply new materials and technologies with the aim of defining a new design identity.

With each new project, the Atelier DLUHY seeks new goals and answers, more objectivity in optimizing the solutions and designs of interior design and architecture, with an emphasis on understanding the basic criteria of a given environment.

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