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Cottage Vapenice – Obory

Project detail
  • Author
    Ing. Slavomir Dluhy, aut. arch. CKA/ SKA
  • Purpose
  • Project
  • Land area
     1.783 m2
  • Built up area
    265 m2
  • Project
Project description

The project assignment in the Architectural Exterior Study stage was to design landscaping with a cottage and swimming pool in terms of individual specifications and investor requirements.

Land , parc. No .: 406/15, 406/23, 406/6 and 388/7 are located at an altitude of +318.00 to +333.00 m.n.m. and is situated in a cottage area near the Kamík nad Vltavou Waterworks, in the middle of a coniferous and deciduous forest.

The land is irregular rectangular in shape with its characteristic topographic elevation of 15m. Overall, it is conveniently located S / E / W. Situationally, with its views, it is conveniently located on a steep slope above the side access forest road / J. On one side / J, the land is longitudinally bounded by this road and on the other side / S, it is directly connected with the free forest towards the neighboring plots. Topographically, it is naturally sloping in the N / S direction with the largest ascent in the SW / NE direction. The forest access road itself lies on the edge of the plot in the / S direction.

On a plot of land. No. 406/15, the original building of the cottage was built in 1979. Its current reconstruction was completed in this period. The plot has its own ELI connection. The land has a new drilled well near the entrance to the cottage. The original pit at the bottom of the plot in the / J direction will be replaced by a new one in the changed more advantageous position for service.

Investor’s assignment was based on the requirement to form an opinion on a proposal for the design of landscaping of a newly consolidated plot with the construction of a swimming pool, construction of a new cottage including new tree planting and other forest greenery . The design also includes a paved parking area for parking 3 passenger cars in the / SE section.

The newly proposed division of the territory into individual zones is incorporated in a separate situation diagram.

The architectural design solution includes:

1., modifying existing paved areas

2. Incorporating new required features

3. landscaping, landscaping and landscaping

4. modify existing access road / S

5., static transport solution proposal – 3x own reserved parking space on the edge of the existing local road / J

6th, relaxation zone, terrace S / W, with a proposal for the construction of a swimming pool body

7., architectural and architectural solution for the construction of the cottage, including its situational equipment

The newly redeveloped area is intended : for a relaxing stay families

The contracting authority emphasizes : the efficiency of the use of existing parts of the land and the newly created natural space with the construction of a new cottage and swimming pool.

/ for appropriate use of existing parts and adjacent paved areas of the original cottage, for appropriate landscaping of the new part of the land with planting new trees and greenery, for overall architectural integration of the new cottage into its territory and its characteristic architectural design, its standard energy efficiency, to address the transport services of the area with vehicle parking and the new quality of the integrated environment in the given situation, orientation and topography /

Total land area:
1,783.00 m2

Built-up area of ​​the original cottage:
54.00 m2

The height of the top of the gable roof of the original cottage:
+ 331.56 m above sea level

Existing terrace and access staircase of the cottage:
84.00 m2

Built-up area of ​​the new terrace with swimming pool including stairs:
179.50 m2

Built-up area of ​​a new cottage with a terrace:
31.00 m2

Paved parking space for parking:
54.00 m2

The basic architectural approach to enter the exterior was to create an overall solution with maximum effort to connect the future extended terrace with a new pool with the original cottage and a new cottage – with the surrounding environment and using the user orientation of the area / J.

New cottage, is designed as a detached object. Its proposed position is based on the given communication and spatial – relational possibilities of the whole space. It is also based on the situation of paved areas and partly also on the approach to the demanding topography of the terrain of plot no. 406/23.

Cottage design

The cottage is designed for summer operation in order to occasionally accommodate family members and family friends.

Due to the communication situation of the original cottage and the steep sloping terrain, we propose to place the new cottage near the main paved access area with a direct connection to the new staircase and forest walkway leading to the parking area for parking cars.

The cottage in the forest is situationally installed in the sloping terrain in the direction V / Z, its main frontal part / J. Its position copies the direction of the contours of the existing terrain.

Building with this solution can offer an interesting quality of user comfort in a man-house-forest and surrounding landscape with open views .

A separate ELI connection will be implemented to the cottage. No other utilities will be brought to the cottage.

The cottage with its own terrace is designed with a total floor plan of 8,150 x 4,050 mm

Dimensions of the construction of the residential part of the cottage we propose 5,500 x 4,050 mm The dimensions of the roofed terrace with a dividing screen are 2,400 x 3,620 mm

The overall floor plan dimensions with roof overlaps are 8,150 x 6,000 mm

The height of the countertop level at the highest point / from the bottom level of the base panel is 4,110 mm

We suggest the construction of the cottage in the design as a wooden building. Assumed composition of the structure in combination with KVH system and Europanel. The most suitable typology will be specified on the basis of the selection of a specific supplier of a wooden building. To install it in a sloping terrain, we propose the establishment in the “Crawl space” manner, using steel ground screws with an auxiliary steel structure. Based on the geological survey, the probes of the current state of the subsoil in the given part of the plot will be evaluated. The responsible structural engineer will also determine the overall method of its installation. If necessary, the mounting of ground screws will be supplemented by a combination of slender reinforced concrete feet / micropiles. The supporting above-ground steel system will be complemented by a wooden log cladding. The surface treatment of round cylinders is designed in the natural shade of wood BO / according to the shade of other light wooden parts in the entire construction of the wooden building of the cottage.

The roof is of the counter type and its construction is based on a single wood panel and KVH prisms. The visible wooden roof structures are in a natural light design BO, shade according to the supplier.

Static wooden vertical façade elements are designed in the same surface finish. The roofing is made of AL sheet metal, made of folded strips, anthracite finish, according to the RAL of the selected supplier.

The cottage has its own roofed terrace with a dividing screen panel on the / S side. The orientation of the terrazzo is in the S / W direction. Access to the elevated terrazzo is solved by a simple stair arm made of natural wood in combination with a slim supporting steel structure. The overall foundation floor panel is a wooden panel construction and is finished in the BO surface finish, a shade according to the selected supplier.

We suggest entering the cottage directly from this outdoor terrace.

Selected perimeter walls of the cottage facade are wooden structures and on the J / V and Z / sides are partially or geoplo-glazed. The perimeter wall on the A / S side is solid, without window elements. Glazed structures are designed in a combination of wood AL, alt. AL. Selected elements of the filling division are intended for opening and tipping. One part of the front façade paneling is of a sliding folding character. The surface treatment of AL frames is anthracite according to RAL, according to the possibilities of the selected supplier.

We design the entrance door in a frameless construction – simple flat design, material AL, color shade red, according to RAL, according to the possibilities of the selected supplier. The door handle will be artistically and handcrafted by a local carver made of natural wood. Handle finish, natural wood shade.

Selected parts of the perimeter walls of the cottage and the wooden screen on the terrace are designed from wooden elements. The façade part consists of natural wood cladding in a dark design with an acknowledged texture. Alto. glaze – Eben Tikkurila, alt. Tikkurila Waltti Wood Oil, or alt. Thermowood Magnolia. Depending on the contractor’s capabilities, a combination of surface treatments in conjunction with a brushed or tanned wood surface is also possible. The installation direction of the facade cladding is designed in height.

The wooden exterior screen is of a frame character with a composite horizontal and vertical lamella division. The closer part of the screen towards the entrance wall of the cottage is opaque. The surface of the finish of the wooden elements is in the same design as the side cladding of the facade

Selected solid perimeter walls of the façade are lined on the exterior side with AL sheet metal from folded strips in the vertical laying direction. The surface treatment by plating is in the shade Anthracite, according to the RAL of the selected supplier.

The responsible designer of the construction part in the higher level of PD will process all the necessary documents for the equipment of the relevant permits, including the professions for the construction and the selection of the contractor.

* The interior of the cottage will be designed in the next stage of PD based on a closer specification of the client and the architect’s design. The approach to interior design will be based on the given architectural design of the building. At the time of selecting the contractor for the implementation of the wooden building, the author of the project will specify the substantial selections of materials and surfaces resulting from the building structures of the selected typology of the wooden building.

* We designed his own graphic design for the project for the client. The “logo” of the project can be applied to selected parts of the newly realized wooden elements in a technical way – by firing, the client suggests.