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ATRIUM Duben Shopping Centre

Project detail
  • Author
    Ing. Slavomír Dluhý, aut. arch. ČKA/ SKA
  • Purpose
    Commercial space
  • Project
  • Interior floor plan
    3.100 m2
  • Structure
    1 floor
  • Project
    2016 / 17
Project description

The intention of our architectural interior design in the concept stage was to design the reconstruction of the interior of the common areas for the shopping arcade in the ATRIUM Duben Shopping Centre in Zilina based on the investor’s assignment.

The main idea of the design is to get rid of all inappropriate, long-standing interior layers of various character, to unify, brighten and visually illuminate the space.

With the help of proven means of expression, we propose to design a new interior in the sense of simple forms with the addition of natural surface textures and sensitive accenting of selected colour shades.

The shopping centre is named after a nearby large hill called Duben, which creates an exceptional natural scenery in the topographic and urban profile of Zilina.

In the immediate vicinity of this scenery is one of the most important Slavic archaeological sites – the stronghold of Stranik. This site, at one time in its function – in the time horizons of the younger to the late Bronze Age, then in the late Late Late Iron Age, with an overlap into the older part of the Roman period, fulfilled its function as the central fortress of the Eastern part of the Zilina Basin. The historical layout of the fortification is almost identical to the layout of the arcade of the Trade Centre, including 3-4 entrance gates.

In our design, we sought inspiration from these two basic local sources of knowledge – nature and archaeology. Shapes, materials, structures, textures, all this together with the chosen natural colour palette.