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Exhibition The executioner’s bastion

Project detail
  • Author
    Ing. Slavomír Dluhý
  • Purpose
    Permanent exhibition of the museum
  • Project
  • Floor plan
    62 m2
  • Struktura
    2 floors, exhibition display
  • Project
  • Realization
Project description

The project of the interior of the permanent exhibition is realized in the most historically valuable parts of the comprehensive museum complex of Rodosto and Miklus Prison in the historical centre of Kosice. The interior design conceptually brings the original character and layout of the space to the fore.

The design uses modern all-glass exhibition showcases and spatial solitary glass panels complemented by solid wood elements in a natural finish. Historically documented graphic logotypes complete the furnishings. These are installed on selected wooden surfaces in the form of veneered marquetry, which was carried out using laser technology. A multimedia panel and design lighting technically support the intention of the exhibition.