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Hospital NNG Penta Investments

Project detail
  • Author
    Ing. Slavomír Dluhý, aut. arch. ČKA/ SKA
  • Purpose
  • Project
  • Interior floor plan
    17.000 m2
  • Structure
    1 floor
    2 floors
    3 floors
    4 floors
  • Project / realization
    2015 / 2017
Project description

The investor Penta Investments – World of Health was tasked with the development of an architectural study and interior design of a new building – the Hospital of the New Generation in Michalovce.

Our proposed solution includes the given interior spaces, which layout is based on the object, building and architectural composition of the new building project.

The scope of the development of the premises concerned consists of :

– 1. floor, Entrance Hall, OAIM Department, Communication and Lift Rooms, Emergency Reception, Radiology Department and Waiting Rooms, Ecumenical Room.

– 2. floor, Communication and interconnecting corridors, Inpatient ward and rooms, Polyfunctional areas.

– 3. floor, Communication and connecting corridors, Inpatient ward and rooms, Polyfunctional areas

– 4. floor, Communication and Interconnecting Corridors, Operations Department

The basic concept of our interior design project consists of sixteen characteristic selected parts. The interior design project, at a higher level, is directly related to the concept.

The interior information system concept is also part of the design. In each specific part of the interior, we have systematically designed the appropriate colour shade for the typical identification of the individual departments and their adjacent areas. The colour solution is thus further applied in several other selected interior components.