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Restaurant 12 Apostles

Project detail
  • Author
    Ing. Slavomír Dluhý, aut. arch. ČKA/ SKA
  • Purpose
    Restaurant, reconstruction of historical interior
  • Project
  • Interior floor plan
    400 m2
  • Structure
    1 floor, restaurant, lounge, kitchen
    1 underground floor, wine cellar, technical facilities
  • Project
  • Realization
Project description

The intention of our project was, based on the investor’s assignment, to design a building-interior project for the reconstruction of the original historical building.

The restaurant building is situated in the centre of Kosice, it was built in 1910 and its historical origin dates back to the early 14th century.

The most famous restaurant in Slovakia has survived: World War I, the fall of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the First Czechoslovak Republic, the wartime Hungarian state, World War II, the 1950s, socialism and the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, the division of Czechoslovakia, always under the name of the 12 Apostles.

The basic architectural approach to the assignment was to try to respect the original historical values in the context of the site as much as possible. All architectural elements and materials were thoroughly restored.

The creation and implementation of the historic interior design was specific in its demanding restoration of the original interior furnishings and oil paintings, the design of the hand-painted stained glass and brass chandeliers, as well as the stylish bar equipment in the restaurant.